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belhe analytics advisory

data science and AI expertise


25+ years of transformational leadership experience



since you are on the journey to become a data driven business ,,,

you know that some businesses seem to be progressing better than others

do you think ....


seasoned analytics leadership advice could help you to move further in your journey ??

data science / analytics gets described as a field that utilizes data towards business benefit. 

sooner or later in their data analytics journey, many businesses come to an important conclusion. 

the methods, processes, techniques and advanced skills all are needed, but they may not be enough. 

i have experienced and spearheaded the full life cycle of analytics from end to end multiple times

- many successes and fewer failures are behind me -

so i might be able to assist you in making your journey more productive.

- upendra belhe, ph.d.


Upendra Belhe, Ph.D.
12 McCarles Drive, Hillsborough
NJ 08844

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